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EU project proposal for Advanced MoBile InTernet securIty fOr digital ideNtity (AMBITION)

EU project proposal AMBITION aims high as it name says. The idea is to use security of mobile network to securely prove identity of the user. This will be done through usage of standards of mobile network and glue them togehter: Mobile Connect and 3gpp. Project will be delivered in 24 months by the consortium of 4 partners and BISS is the lead partner.

Beginning of EU funded project for improving business capabilites of BISS through application of ICT technologies

EU funds improvement of business capabilites of small and middle enterprises by subsidizing ICT systems they use. Upon completion of this project we will have new CRM implemented on new server, and a new network data source for our solution Identity guard. Project started in December 2019. and will last 18 months.

Beggining of re-engineering of Provisioning system for mobile data for Combis/Croatian Telekom

We are developing and maintaining Provisioning system for mobile data for Croatian telekom for the last 8 years. With it we cope with marketing and regulatory requirements for data services, and implement their workflows. Re-engineering of the system will simplify implementation of new tariffs and services, and enable better long term tariffs. Also, inner working of the system will improved together with its GUI. The project will last during whole year 2020.

Beginning of development on project Address hub for DPD Switzerland BISS d.o.o.

Experts from DPD CH noted problems in keeping correct address of the package recipient, so the need for new system arised. After several design sessions and requirements gathering, the design of the new system was charted. Development of MVP started in November and it is planned that the system will have first production release in mid 2020.