Identity Guard

System for protection and management of personal information in your data while processing them in real time

Identity guard is an adjustable set of services that perform data processing in real time. It has been refined in several software generations with the objective to improve system performance and throughput. Main steps in the process are data ingestion, data processing and data delivery. Data ingestion includes collecting data from various sources like TCP/IP streams, CSV files or databases. Data processing consists of the steps like parsing, enrichment, anonymization, filtering and formatting. Data delivery to the target systems can be done as a TCP/IP stream, CSV files or data delivery into target databases.

Protect PII

Protect personally identifiable information by anonymizationusing token rotation and k-anonymity principle.

Enrich or reduce

Enrich data from other sources (like CRM, billing or other systems). Reduce data sets by filtering with rules, consents or blacklists

Enforce consent

Enforce data owner’s consent for each processing purpose. Include or exclude data based on consent status

Reverse anonymization

Control reverse anonymization of PII data securely


Recording all actions and processing providing audit trail ensuring company and legal compliance


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