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Majority of the world’s countries don’t have a centralized platform to manage and control a crisis while keeping people informed and enabling instant feedback to crisis management responsible. With the development of technology and the increase of potential hazards (man-made or natural) towards mankind, the need for a modern public warning system arose. As with any protective system, communication tools and the speed with which they can be used are essential in preventing an outbreak of panic, the spread of false information, or crises of confidence. HAVEN enables public safety operators to detect an incident, monitor its progress, prevent emerging threats, protect and inform the people in the affected area and respond by managing the situation or the incident. The value and benefit of HAVEN is saving lives and providing the right information at the right time to anyone who may be exposed to real danger.

Location based public safety

Send critical information instantly and reliably to all communication channels

Public safety

HAVEN is an ICT system integrated with mobile network operators (MNOs) to allow public safety organizations to detect, monitor and respond to crises.


SMS technology covers all mobile phones - from feature phones to high end smartphones equally

GDPR compliance

GDPR compliance is ensured – personal data is never disclosed



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