Movement Analytics

Search through movement patterns of your users and employ it for monetization

Movement analytics portal visualizes anonymized users on a heatmap paired with user attributes. Source of the geo-spatial information can be massive data produced by mobile network or different process-related data which can be obtained from other sources. Source data is anonymized near to the source in order to satisfy GDPR requirements. Our solution can use attributes, and can enrich location information with the data from other systems like CRM or any ICT solution which provides adequate API. Final visualization is multidimensional and can be tailored to the customer needs. Obtained results of analysis are delivered as customized graphs and reports. Example usage is tourist movement reported by tourist nationality in certain area.

Heat maps

See it at a glance – heat map view provides intuitive view on required data

Multidimensional attributes

Know it all - multidimensional attributes are covering all the information required


Control reverse anonymization of PII data securely


Extensive and customizable reporting engine will keep you up-to-date all all times


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