We presented BISS solutions based on artificial intelligence and young IT experts who are an indispensable part of our office to the Croatian radio television team. We also discussed the future of artificial intelligence development in Croatia. BISS strives to bring telco and IT solutions to perfection.

Our main competencies highlighted in this interview are public warning systems, Smart city solutions aiming to digitalize communication among public services. Artificial intelligence software Aimago is used for yard management and movement analytics in the retail industry. HAVEN First Responder software is used for mission-critical communication between the command centre and firefighters during an intervention. One of the important goals is to contribute to reducing the outflow of young professionals from Croatia abroad. We are really striving to strengthen the Croatian IT industry by offering custom-made solutions, mainly in logistics, emergency communication, GDPR and personal data protection.

Click on the link to see what our directors, Aleksander Radovan and Robert Dimitrovski and young IT forces of BISS, Filip Kisić and Antun Stabarkovic, have said about our innovative AI systems and the work of the company.