The HRID system is a part of the HT Core network that serves as a central place for provisioning DATA services like tariffs and customer package options. HRID is also a central place for all notifications about the activities and consumption of DATA service quotas towards HT customers.

A telecommunications network utilizes our system that facilitates the integration and exchange of data between the network and external systems. This system, known as a mediator, plays a crucial role in securing data as it acts as a bridge, translating incoming and outgoing messages using complex business logic to connect the network with approximately 15 external systems.

Communication with external systems is conducted using various protocols, including HTTP servlets, SOAP and REST web services, as well as the LDAP protocol. The specific protocol used depends on the requirements of the business scenario. These protocols are used in the integration of systems from the telecom network with the mediation system, as well as for the integration of the mediation system with systems from the telecom network.

The mediation system serves as a translator for data and protocols used by external systems, converting them into a format that can be easily understood by the telecommunications network. This enables seamless integration of external systems with the network, facilitating the provision of data services to users.

HRID employs advanced algorithms and methods to instantly process and translate data received from external sources, guaranteeing accurate and prompt delivery of the data to the appropriate destination within the telecommunications network with no interruption in service.

Not only does the mediation system safeguard data, but it also ensures the security and reliability of the telecommunications network. It employs secure communication and encryption protocols to safeguard the data transmitted between external systems and the network. Additionally, it is equipped with fault tolerance mechanisms to maintain its functionality even during failures or disruptions.

The system is versatile, consistently updated and tailored to new market requirements.

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