Success stories

Below you'll find recent projects we are most proud of


The HRID system is a part of the HT Core network that serves as a central place for provisioning DATA services like tariffs and customer package options. HRID is also a central place for all notifications about the activities and consumption of DATA service quotas towards HT customers.

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HAVEN First Responders

Firefighting in the Digital Era.

By combining IT with Telco knowledge, we developed Haven First Responders, the most comprehensive communication solution for Croatian firefighters. A central place for keeping records of employees and vehicles, managing interventions and reporting from the field.

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Debt collection software

Enhancing core business processes through automation.

Many customers just forget to pay on time. To ensure timely payments, we created automated debt collection software currently used by 3 major banks operating in Croatia. Debt collection software covers all the stages of debt collection and full integration with a client dialling base. That means the automation of E-mail, letters, SMS, and even automated calls towards bank clients.

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